We meet our deadlines through a clear process and good project management



1. Concept phase

We start each assignment with a briefing on the content, purpose and target audience. Based on this, we propose on a way to reach this audience: through an explainimation, infographic or other visual means.


2. Quotation phase

Our project prices are fixed-fee, without hidden costs. We estimate our hours on the basis of registration from comparable previous assignments.


3. Text phase

We write a sharp and clear text, that goes back and forth a couple of times. There is plenty of room for feedback, as we build the text on our client's knowledge of the subject matter.


4. Storyboard phase

After the text approval, the visual fireworks starts. During a presentation, we show the storyboard of the animation and explain how things will animate.


5. Voice-over phase

We propose different voice actors that fit the subject and target audience. After the storyboard approval, we record the voice-over and make a smooth edit.


6. Design phase

We work with a diverse range of design and illustrations. Either based on an existing branding material or something completely new.


7. Animation phase

Then we sync the images to the voice-over or music. We make a smooth animation with nice transitions between scenes.


8. Composition phase

When the animation is done, we bring the film to life with sound design. Some animations also need a music composition to give it extra speed and personality.


9. Delivery phase

After that, we deliver a first version of the film. With the final feedback from the client, we deliver the final result with some promotional extra's, like stills from the animation.


10. Completion phase

When the assignment is finished we like to reflect the process and the result. Also, we offer advice to make the film screening and film promotion a success.


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