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Want to have a 2D animation video made? Our animation studio makes explanation animations in all styles. We worked for the KNVB, Utrecht University, Van Gogh Museum and all kinds of governments.
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Abstract beeld met geometrische vormen ter illustratie van 2d animatie laten maken door animatiestudio Creative Beards

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A selection of five 2D animations

Johan Cruff Foundation

Everybody knows Johan Cruyff. And the spaces that he saw.

A lot of people also know the Johan Cruyff Foundation. But not all the impact the foundation has.

This 2D photography animation video shows the impact.

Van Gogh Museum – Seeing with a Japanese eye

The Van Gogh Museum wanted to have an animation made for the exhibition ‘Seeing with a Japanese eye’.

The aim of the educational animation was to train the visitor to look with a Japanese eye  – just like Van Gogh. This increased the average viewing time for the real paintings.

Extra fun: together with educator Jolein van Kregten, our animation agency won an award with this animation film at the Museum in Short festival.

Coffee Barometer

The Coffee Barometer concludes that sustainable commitments are not being delivered.

This animation urges this message.

HU Archimedes – 21st Century Skills

How do you integrate 21st century skills into your teaching? How do you prepare your students for the future?

For HU Archimedes, we made an explanimation about skills such as creativity, critical thinking, cooperation and digital literacy.

The video shares 4 insights, making it a manageable and clear story.

Healthy Food Healthy People

We have made three animations about how to make the transition to a healthy, just and sustainable food system.

Gifje met allerlei leuke animatiestijlen door animatiestudio Creative Beards

Our animations get a 9.8 on Google

  • “Pleasant to work with.”
  • “Not only creative, but also critical and quick.”
  • “Within agreed time and budget.”
  • “Come up with creative and original ideas in no time.”
  • “More than satisfied with result.”
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Beeld van bulleye op dartbord ter illustratie van goed resultaat animatiebureau Creative Beards

“Creative Beards knows how to explain a difficult and complex process in a simple, understandable way. It’s easy to make things difficult, but it’s difficult to make things easy. They listened very carefully to our wishes and came up with clear solutions whenever we had a question or doubt. And the result was even better than I had hoped for.”

Beeld van handen die schudden ter illustratie van goede samenwerking met animatiestudio Creative Beards

“I had the please of working with Creative Beards as the artistic production company for a visual writing cartoon. Creative Beards was at all times professional and patient in the commercial aspects of the engagement, connected very well with the client´s world and needs in the creative aspect, and managed to create a film that will truly serve its purpose – engaging people in the world of social collaboration. To echo the reception at the premier showing of the film: wow!”

Beeld van karakter die beweegt met allerlei elementen eromheen ter illustratie van 2d explainer laten maken door animatiestudio Creative Beards

Have a 2D explainer made?

What style do you want your 2D explainer made in? Whatever style you want, we can help. We have worked in many different corporate styles for clients and are happy to create a design that suits the target group. We have done this for parties such as NOC*NSF, Alzheimer Nederland, University of Amsterdam, NTR, Province of Utrecht and other governments and municipalities.

Abstract beeld met geometrische vormen ter illustratie van kosten 2d animatie laten maken door animatiestudio Creative Beards

Method and costs 2D animation

What does a 2D animation cost? This is a question we often hear, of course. There are many possibilities in 2D animation: you can make a very simple animation, or a very dynamic one. You can come to us for a clear, tailor-made offer with fixed-fee prices. So you know where you stand when you decide to let us make your 2D animation. On the page below, you can find more information about prices and our way of working.

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