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We make complicated information understandable. Our animation studio from the Netherlands translates your story into a clear animation, infographic and illustration.

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Our clients give us a 9.8 on Google

  • “The cooperation was very pleasant.”
  • “Collaborated three times, good result in all cases.”
  • “Thought carefully about the story to a well-flowing text.”
  • “They come up with very creative and original ideas in no time.”
  • “An animation that really stands out!”
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200 satisfied clients
500 animations en infographics
14 years of experience

Our working method

We start each assignment with a good conversation about the content, purpose and target audience. Based on the briefing, we write a short and concise text. We ping-pong this text back and forth several times until we have a solid text.

Then the visual fireworks begin. We can work in an existing style or create a new style based on a brandguide. During the storyboard presentation, we show what the explanimation will look like and how the images are related to the text.

We propose voice-overs from our database of +200 voice-overs, matching the subject and target audience. After approving the storyboard, we record the voice-over and make a smooth edit.

Based on the voice-over and design, we create a smooth explainer animation with nice transitions between scenes. Then we bring the animation to life with sound design. For some animations, we also create a music composition to give the film extra pace and personality.

After a few weeks of designing, animating and sound design, we send the first version. After feedback, we deliver the final version with subtitles, plus additional promotional material such as stills from the animation.

Animation video compilation of animation studio Creative Beards

What kind of animation video do you want made?

With us, you can have professional customised animation films made in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for 2D animation, whiteboard animation or more difficult forms such as 3D animation, stop-motion animation or an illustrative animation. The choice is vast. Where to start? At a meeting so we can hear your story and suggest a suitable animation style.

We work in all animation styles

Image of the Netherlands with a pointer on Utrecht as an illustration of animation studio Creative Beards based in Utrecht near Amsterdam

Animation company from the Netherlands

With Creative Beards, you hire an experienced animation company. We are based in Utrecht, near Amsterdam, since we started in 2010. Our clients come from all corners of the Netherlands: from Rotterdam to Den Bosch, from Nijmegen to Amsterdam. And we’ve made animations in all different languages, from Dutch to Arabic, from English to Turkish. We created over 1,000 explainer animations, infographics and illustrations in sectors such as sports, education, healthcare, culture and government. Contact us for specific explanimations from your sector.

Beeld van handen die schudden ter illustratie van goede samenwerking met animatiestudio Creative Beards

“I had the please of working with Creative Beards as the artistic production company for a visual writing cartoon. Creative Beards was at all times professional and patient in the commercial aspects of the engagement, connected very well with the client´s world and needs in the creative aspect, and managed to create a film that will truly serve its purpose – engaging people in the world of social collaboration. To echo the reception at the premier showing of the film: wow!”

Beeld van diamant ter illustratie van kwaliteit leveren door animatiebureau Creative Beards

“Creative Beards did an outstanding job creating an animation. Producing a video is not only a creative process, but also a great catalyst to derive your companies key messages, what message do you really want to get across and how do you make that message simple, understandable, yet still professional. Even in complex environments with multiple stakeholders with different agendas, Creative Beards managed to help us out in a professional yet flexible way. Excellent work.”

Marco Massaro - KPN/Avaya
Beeld van 5 sterren ter illustratie van 5 sterren beoordeling animatiebedrijf Creative Beards

“As no other Creative Beards brings stories to its essence and to find the best way to get the message across. They are always professional and nice and easy to work with. We have worked together on several projects. All were succesful! But nothing beats our first team up. In that time visual animation was new to both of us. And even when things weren’t going as they supposed to, we stayed positive and found solutions.”

Sjors Brouwer - KNVB
Beeld van bulleye op dartbord ter illustratie van goed resultaat animatiebureau Creative Beards

“Creative Beards knows how to explain a difficult and complex process in a simple, understandable way. It’s easy to make things difficult, but it’s difficult to make things easy. They listened very carefully to our wishes and came up with clear solutions whenever we had a question or doubt. And the result was even better than I had hoped for.”

Beeld van document met ster als beoordeling ter illustratie van goed werk door animatiebedrijf Creative Beards

“The Creative Beards have mastered the art of converting complex corporate stories into simple yet powerful animations. Working with them has been an absolute joy. Don’t let their unshaven appearance fool you, they are smooth operators who overcame a short deadline to deliver our project on time and within budget. I am already looking forward to our next collaboration, and can easily recommend them to others.”

Robert Jan Schumacher - KNLTB
Image of different quotations as an illustration of costs making an animation video by an explainer studio

What does it cost to have an animation made?

The cost of having an explainer animation made depends on several factors. Especially the length of the animation video and the animation style are decisive. For example, if you have a 1-minute explainer made, it will take less time than a 3-minute explainer. And a 3D animation style takes more time to make than a 2D animation style. Contact us for a fixed-fee quote, a fixed price with no hidden costs afterwards.

Animation prices

Image of a machine that delivers simple explainers as an illustration of basic animation prices


from € 3,000

Clear text
Simple design
Solid animation
Simple sound design
Stock music

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Image of a machine that delivers good explainer videos as an illustration of advanced animation prices


v.a. € 5,000

Clear text
Advanced design
Smooth animation
Advanced sound design
Stock music

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Image of a machine that comes up with the best explainer videos as an illustration of pro animation prices


v.a. € 7,000

Clear text
Pro design
Dynamic animation
Pro sound design
Custom music

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Why have your explainer made with us

A clear text is the foundation of an animation video. We ensure that the content of the story is correct and fits well with the animation images. We also adapt the text to your target audience, for example to language level B1.

Every explainer animation should look attractive and move smoothly. We work in any style, so we can work in an existing style or create a completely new visual style based on your branding guide.

We have a private database of more than +200 male and female voice-overs. And we add sound design to every explainer. These are the sounds that make the explanimation stand out even more.

Need an explainer animation made?

Mail or call for an introductory meeting or quotation.

Image of contact person of animation studio Creative Beards in the Netherlands

Ted Griffioen | Copywriter

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What you only ask Google

  • Why hire an animation company?

    What we often hear is that the process of creating the text and storyboard is an eye-opening experience. After all, this is where the most difficult thing happens: daring to choose and daring to delete. And because we write a voice-over text, the chosen words suddenly become a lot more understandable. So an animation company can help you get your message across in a simple and visual way, whether in an explanimation, infographic or illustration.

  • What are the costs of hiring an animation studio?

    A basic 1-minute animation costs 3,000 euros, an advanced animation 5,000 and a pro animation 7,000 euros.

    Type of animation Costs
    Basic 3,000 euros
    Advanced 5,000 euros
    Pro 7,000 euros

    You can always present us with your budget as a guideline, so we can see what animation styles would fit.

  • How to choose an animation studio?

    We believe in having a click. After all, you work together on an animation for several weeks, sometimes even months It’s smart to work with someone who quickly understands you and comes up with good solutions. With us, you have one contact person with whom you work throughout the process, so you know where you stand.

  • Why have an animation film made?

    By having an animated video made, you can clearly convey a message in a short time. The power of an explanimation lies in the combination of a catchy voice-over, attractive visuals and good sound design. Many people don’t like reading long texts; an explainer can tell a story in a fun and accessible way. You reach a large group of people, including the low-literate by writing in B1. And by adding subtitles, you can also reach non-native speakers.

  • How long does it take to have an animation made?

    “How long does it take to make an animation film?” is a question we often hear. The average delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks, but we have also done speed projects in about 2 or 3 weeks. Make a dash together! The faster a project, the less time there is for consultation and coordination. That’s why a 6 to 8 weeks trajectory is often the best choice. Based on the requirements, we make a realistic schedule with clear feedback moments.

  • What length should the animation have?

    There is no right length for an explainer animation. It is best to look at the context in which it is shown. Most explanimations we make are between 1-2 minutes, because they are intended for a website, social media and other online channels. The tension curve is short online; you need to get your story down quickly. For meetings, you can take longer, because people sit in a room and watch more attentively. We have also made 3-minute instruction films and 10-minute vision films for that purpose.

  • When do I choose film and when animation?

    Film is good at showing real people, showing existing situations. Think of a registration of an event. Or an advertisement of people eating soup. Explainers are suitable for showing situations that cannot always be captured in film. For example, to show a process in clear steps. Or to outline a situation you want to get to, which is not yet there. You can also combine film and animation to get the best out of both worlds.

  • Customised or fixed-design animation?

    The cheapest way is to work with design packages or animation packages. You won’t get a unique explanimation, but colour and typography can often be adapted to your wishes. A custom-made explainer, a style based on your house style, takes more hours to make and is therefore more expensive.