Sustainable animation studio

We are a socially committed animation studio and do business sustainably. Through personal contact and a transparent working method, we make the most beautiful creations together.

Meet the Beards

Beeld van drie karakters in verschillende kleuren ter illustratie van samenwerking met duurzame animatiestudio Creative Beards

Meet the Beards

We give you a single contact person, so you’ll never have to repeat yourself

Ted is a copywriter and account manager. He can turn dry content into short and lively copy. Ted ensures that a project runs smoothly and likes to think along with the marketing strategy.

Anneloes is an animator and illustrator. With her smooth animations she moves heaven and earth. Her illustrations are colourful, with powerful shapes and with careful attention for all living creatures.

We love to work with friendly people who make beautiful things on tight deadlines. Recognize yourself in this? Send us an e-mail to get to know each other.

Illustratie van de 5 waarden van duurzame animatiestudio Creative Beards

Sustainable animation studio

Creative Beards was founded in 2010 with the mission to make animated films that make the world smarter, more social and sustainable. We take on our assignments based on 5 values. This allows us to weigh whether projects have a positive impact. This is important because we put a lot of time and talent into our animations, infographics and illustrations. We also invest in stories ourselves, provided the story and creation fit our CSR policy.

Our returning clients

We believe in sustainable relationships and are proud of the cooperation with our returning clients

Beeld van handen die schudden ter illustratie van goede samenwerking met animatiestudio Creative Beards

“I had the please of working with Creative Beards as the artistic production company for a visual writing cartoon. Creative Beards was at all times professional and patient in the commercial aspects of the engagement, connected very well with the client´s world and needs in the creative aspect, and managed to create a film that will truly serve its purpose – engaging people in the world of social collaboration. To echo the reception at the premier showing of the film: wow!”

Beeld van bulleye op dartbord ter illustratie van goed resultaat animatiebureau Creative Beards

“Creative Beards knows how to explain a difficult and complex process in a simple, understandable way. It’s easy to make things difficult, but it’s difficult to make things easy. They listened very carefully to our wishes and came up with clear solutions whenever we had a question or doubt. And the result was even better than I had hoped for.”

Illustratie van klimaatneutrale animatiestudio creative beards met beeld van een kleurrijk bos vol met bomen die lijken op een baard

Climate-neutral animation company

We are a socially involved animation agency and our films are made climate neutral. In every facet of our operations, we try to reduce our emissions. What remains we offset tenfold by planting trees at Trees for All, making us a climate-neutral animation studio. We partner with CSR Netherlands and work with sustainable development goals (SDG). And we produce animations at reduced rates for non-profit organisations.

Why a sustainable animation agency?

We work on the basis of 5 values. These values act as a compass for us. They allow us to weigh which assignments we take on.

First of all, we try to reduce our emissions in all areas. What remains we offset tenfold through Trees for All.

With our animation videos we want to create a better future. That’s why we invest in projects that can make a difference.

Beeld van handen die wereldbol samen dragen ter illustratie van samenwerking duurzaam animatiebedrijf Creative Beards

Working at a sustainable animation company?

We like to get in touch with freelancers who share the same sustainable values. We also develop students with internships and traineeships and are open to integration projects and work experience placements. As we currently work remotely, this must fit in with the guidelines.

In need of a sustainable animation?

Mail or call for an introductory meeting or quotation.

Ted Griffioen | Copywriter

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