Coffee Barometer

Here’s the thing:
coffee companies defined big sustainability commitments for 2020.
Unfortunately, the Coffee Barometer concludes
that most commitments are not being delivered.

Is it because they don’t have money?

Well, the largest part of global coffee revenues
is earned by the top ten roasters,
who received US$ 55 billion in 2019.

In the meantime, coffee farmers only get a fraction of this amount,
are hardly able to cover their basic needs
and are under constant pressure to cut costs
at the expense of the environment
or by reducing wages.

The coffee sector loves to talk.

In round table events major sustainability issues are frequently discussed,
but this does not translate into meaningful change.
No higher farmer income.
No better labour standards.
No adaptation to climate change.

It’s time for action.

There are plenty ideas and tools
to make coffee production more sustainable.
Even if there is uncertainty about the outcomes of our actions,
this is not an excuse to do nothing.

The industry has to take collective responsibility
and live up to their own commitments.

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