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  • How do you tell your story visually?

    Say a lot, using few words. Thanks to our academic background we are capable of translating complex stories into short and understandable videos. Take for example organisational changes, company visions or long-term plans. We eliminate the background noise and focus on the core.

    A good video is made by working together. We believe in a long-term relationship with our clients, based on trust and respect. We think along with our clients and meet our deadlines. Some of the clients for whom we have provided these services include the Dutch and Belgian government, KNVB, Rabobank, KPN and NOS.

    We look beyond the video. Our videos can be a part of a greater plan, but we also set up wider campaigns ourselves. Designing print, websites and interactive applications are but a few examples. All communication outlets deriving from a single strong concept.

Creative Beards

Erik Ankone

Pepijn van Weeren

Manne heijman

Ted Griffioen

Creative Beards is a Dutch creative concept and motion design agency. We create traditional videos filled with a delicious stuffing. Our films can be a part of a bigger campain.